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walk quiet, dream loud

The Private Life of C CD / 思生活 CD

The Private Life of C CD / 思生活 CD


Chet's 6th solo album happens to be his first mandarin albums with original tunes. 10 years in the making, combining his signature storytelling and guitar sounds.


曲目 Tracklist:
CD 1
第一季 - 自嘲式的自戀  Season One
- 私生活 - 紐約 Private Life of C - New York
- 廚房 Kitchen
- 與你共枕 Sharing a Pillow with You
- 公路, 塵埃, 四合院 Highways, Dust, Siheyuan
- 公司裡的愛琴海 Love Sea in the Office
- 有一種朋友 A Kind of Friends
- 晚睡 Sleep Late

CD 2
第二季 - 自虐式的自省 Season Two
- 魔鬼與我同生 The Devil Grows with Me
- 煙圈和肥皂泡 Dust and Soap Bubbles
- 燃 Burn
- 曼克頓的最後一夜 Last Night in Manhattan
- 與陌生人喝酒 Drinking with Stranger
- 兩支牙刷 Two Toothbrushes
- 私生活 - 慕尼黑 Private Life of C - Munich
- 留下腳印, 帶走回憶 Leaving Footprints, Bringing Away Memories

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