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Oh My Goodness CD(簽名版)

Oh My Goodness CD(簽名版)


As simple as it gets: Chet Lam has been writing and performing for charity organizations all these years, it's time for him to gather up all these tunes on his 13th solo release. Good tunes include the English original song Ocean penned for National Geographic, the theme song for the most successful and nicely done HK social enterprise So Soap!, the theme song for WWF's Earth Hour Day - Light Up Your Dreams among others.


包括從未收錄作品:WWF地球一小時主題曲《Light Up Your Dreams》,國家地理頻道海洋年主題曲《Ocean》,香港最有愛心社會企業之一So Soap!主題曲《抱泡》,送給天下有情人的《最重要的事》《從一吻開始》,送給天下母親的《媽媽請你輕鬆吓》。Oh My Goodness! 好事傳千里。


1. 鏡子說 / Mirror Says
2. 無敵 / Invincible Night Sky
3. Light Up Your Dreams
4. 12345
5. 媽媽請你輕鬆吓 / Mom, Take it Easy
6. 抱泡 / Soap Song
7. Ocean
8. 最重要的事 / The Most Important Thing
9. 從一吻開始 / From This Kiss On
10. 乾燥 (甘露版)  / Dry
11. 再見雪人 / Goodbye Snowman

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