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One Magic Day Live DVD + CD(簽名版)

One Magic Day Live DVD + CD(簽名版)


The acclaimed show by Chet of his signature  'one man one guitar' carbaret show, first time ever captured live in Hong Kong in 2011. Featuring the career spanning original hits with total made over of a few well known classics including Sting's Moon Over Bourbon Street and the Japanese 'EN GA' - Lone Traveller, this 2 hour intimate journey is more than a one night stand.

Song List:

01. 離開是為了回來Leaving is for Coming Back
02. 突然獨身Suddenly Single
03. 留下腳印 帶走回憶Leaving Footprints, Taking Memories
04. Speech: Back to the Stars
05. Trust
06. 一支煙的時間One Cigarette's Time
07. 簡單不簡單Simple, Not Simple
08. Speech: 五星級的家 5 Star Home
09. 夢中天使Daddy Long Legs
10. Speech: Handsome Smart & Nice
11. 盛女Rich Girls
12. 19
13. 再見小王子Farewell, Little Prince
14. 天涯孤客The Lone Traveller
15. Moon Over Bourbon Street
16. Speech: Give Me True Blood
17. After the Pain
18. 未完舞曲Never Ending Sonata
19. In Love Again
20. It Might be You
21. Speech: Choice
22. 錯得對
23. 雪糕車
24. Speech: One Magic Picture Project
25. The Best is Yet to Come
Bonus Music Videos
26. 錯得對 Right Kind of Wrongs / Directed by LoWing
27. 回到花開的那天 Back to the First Day the Flowers Bloomed / Directed by Kit Hung
28. 天涯孤客 The Lone Traveller / Directed by Kit Hung

01. 離開是為了回來 (Live)
02. 回到花開的那天 (Live)
03. 一支煙的時間 (Live)
04. Trust (Live)
05. 19 (Live)
06. Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live)
07. 未完舞曲 (Live)
08. In Love Again (Live)
09. 錯得對 (Live)
10. 雪糕車 (Live)
11. The Best is Yet to Come (Live)
12. 盛女(Studio Version)