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Pillow Songs CD / 林一峰的床頭歌CD(簽名版)

Pillow Songs CD / 林一峰的床頭歌CD(簽名版)


Chet's debut album 'Pillow Songs', home recording turned best seller, and made him the icon of city folk in China.


曲目 Tracklist:

1. 突然獨身 Suddenly Single

2. 雪糕車 Ice-cream Van

3. 1和2 1&2

4. 鞦韆 The Swing

5. 19

6. 我和泡麵 Me and Instant Noodles

7. 青草地溪水旁 On the Lawn, By the Stream

8. 我的日記 My Diary

9. 追憶 Remembrance

10. The Best is Yet to Come

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