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Playlist CD / 林一峰作品集 CD(簽名版)

Playlist CD / 林一峰作品集 CD(簽名版)


Adult contemporary interpretations of the nation hits Chet penned for other major artists in the past ten years, on 'Playlist' Chet teamed up with producer Arai Soiichiro doing this recording with top notch musicians from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Real gems.


曲目 Tracklist:

1: 離島 (原唱: 田馥甄) Lone Island

2: 琥珀 (原唱:孟庭葦,孟京輝舞台劇「琥珀」主題曲) Amber

3: 游牧民族 (原唱: 梁詠琪) Nomad

4: Never Say Goodbye (原唱:動力火車,電視劇「白色巨塔」主題曲)

5: 一首歌 (原唱:朱哲琴,動畫電影「媽祖」主題曲) One Song

6: 哭出來 (原唱:楊千) Cry Out Loud

7: 遇見 (原唱:孫燕姿) To Meet

8: 謝謝儂 (原唱:陳奕迅) Thank You

9: 開始愛 (原唱:蕭亞軒,Hit Radio台歌) To Love

10: 早晨 (原唱:何) Good Morning

11: 美味關係 (原唱:鄭秀文,電影「魔幻廚房」主題曲) Tasteful Relationship

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