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Travelogue, Three CD / 城市旅人 CD

Travelogue, Three CD / 城市旅人 CD


Chet's 8th solo album, all original tunes in Cantonese exploring the idea of traveling in your own hometown.


曲目 Tracklist:
1. 塗城記 The Ballad of Kowloon King
2. 紅河村 Red River Valley
3. 象鼻尾貓 Elephant Trunk Tailed Cat
4. 銅鑼灣電車站 (Buffering) Causeway Bay Tram Station Interlude
5. 剛點起煙車就來 Cigarette Lit, Bus Comes
6. 塞 Traffic Jam
7. 咖啡/伴侶 Coffee / Mates
9. 第一口酒 Aftter the Beer
10. 天星小輪 (Buffering) Star Ferry Interlude
11. 海豚的微笑 Dolphin's Smile
12. 乾燥 Dry

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